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Welcome to this thing. I wrote it mostly out of curiosity and for experimental purposes, but I think it's turned into something functional as well.

Can claim to be from a few different places: Hung Serb Can USA (in chronological order) and now live in California.

I have a history of playing soccer, tennis, and ping pong (in the office, of course). Give me a guitar, drums, piano, and I'll play for you... or just deliver a rap.

Distributed computation.

GitHub - Includes a voting app, and an implementation of the Raft consensus algorithm

Hangman Solver - Python scripts that can create words and help solve hangman (more specifically Hanging with Friends) puzzles. I wrote this for fun, but using it to beat friends unfortunately takes away some of the enjoyment of the game.

DrumBox - iPhone app for playing some beats in a hurry! (no App Store yet)

Debris Disk Modeler - Models the SED and visibilities of the debris disk around HD61005 ("The Moth"). Worked on in accordance with research advised by Dr. Meredith Hughes and Prof. Duchene

University of California, Berkeley 2013

B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Some coursework:

IEEE - External VP
Blueprint - Co-Founder & Tech VP

rubrik Rubrik - Software Engineer - Palo Alto, CA
google Google - Software Engineer - Mountain View, CA
microsoft Microsoft - Program Manager Intern - Redmond, WA
tagged Tagged - Software Engineering Intern - San Francisco, CA
berkeley Berkeley CS Self-Paced Center - Tutor - Berkeley, CA

I am a generalist, but distributed systems are my fave.


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